What if the machine isn’t reading my “H Wash Card”?

Keep card away from magnets to avoid loss of stored value.

Make sure you are setting the H Wash Card in the laundry card holder or tray until the machine has been fully started.

What if I lose my “H Wash Card”?

If you lose your “H Wash Card” you will need to purchase another from the Add Value Kiosk or receive one from your property manager. Note, these cards are similar to a gift card or cash card. If the card is lost the funds cannot be retrieved.

How do I know which cycle to choose when washing or drying?

Refer to our How To & Tip Guide.

What if the kiosk didn’t load funds onto my H Wash card?

When reloading the H Wash Card, make sure to tap and hold the H Wash Card to the screen after using your payment method. The screen will display a 90 second countdown and the card must be held to the screen during this countdown until the kiosk beeps to finish loading funds.

How do I redeem a value code on a kiosk?

Tap your H Wash Card on the kiosk screen and select “Value Code.” Available value codes are visible on the screen for selection.


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