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and a future of innovation.


and a future of innovation.


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Ken Hainsworth with Son
Ken Hainsworth

In 1964, at the age of 65, Ken Hainsworth retired from his long-term career in appliance sales. During his first year of retired life, Ken was presented with an opportunity to provide and service laundry machines for local apartment buildings.

This would allow him to leverage his experience in appliance sales while still allowing time to fish and enjoy retirement; thus Ken dove in, forming the Ken Hainsworth Company.

At first, his small venture consisted of only a few dozen accounts in Spokane, Washington. You see, Ken was a great optimist and visionary, seeing the future potential in the marketplace. He also thrived on meaningful interactions with everyone he met. He formed many wonderful relationships with his suppliers, apartment owners, and managers, as well as the residents. Through these many conversations, he identified a problem: the current plumbing infrastructure of apartment buildings was not set up to properly or efficiently accommodate new machines; and he being the problem-solver he was, set out to fix that.

With this mission and his innovative spirit, he soon found himself less interested in retirement and more interested in building and expanding his business. He began modernizing laundry facilities to accommodate new machines. This level of service deeply strengthened relationships with his customers and consequently his business expanded. As the business grew, he brought in his family to help. He enlisted his sons, Morris and Don, to join the company full-time.

Today, the Hainsworth family business is still innovating and growing in four states. A family business it is, indeed. Seven of Ken's grandchildren, several great-grandchildren, and even great-great-grandchildren are employed in carrying on his legacy and excellent personalized service.

“What has contributed to our success over the years has been our ability to live the values our Great Grandfather instilled in us. They are our guide and compass in all that we do. These values have helped us maintain multigeneration relationships, build new ones and grow our Hainsworth family.”


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    When you love what you do, it shows. We have passion from within and that permeates through to our employees and the way we serve our customers.
    We find pride in providing the very best service to you, our valued customers.

    We believe in the power of positivity. We look at challenges as an opportunity to problem-solve, innovate and grow. Because of this, we’re able to stay relevant and build strong lasting relationships with our valued employees and customers.

    We are principled in setting and adhering to standards of excellence. The measure of these standards is evidenced in our customer and employee satisfaction.

    We value the art of professionalism, both in appearance and behavior. This means you can expect us to be courteous, conscientious, and always get the job done.
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We treat our employees like family — with loyalty and care. We respect the work-life balance and offer competitive salaries, benefits, and career development opportunities.


Our employees feel appreciated. We listen and respect our team’s input and ideas. Together we adapt,
problem solve and evolve.


We pride ourselves on providing a stable and thriving work environment. Our employees rest easy knowing they’ll have a steady and consistent workload with a solid and reputable company.
Come grow with us.