I don’t have a credit or debit card. How can I pay?

Purchase a prepaid card at a grocery and/or convenience store.

What if my card doesn’t read?

Make sure your card’s stripe is facing the correct direction.

What if the display reads “Bad Read”?

Try swiping again slower and make sure the card goes in all the way.

Why does the charge on my card not match the machine price?

Your bank will put a temporary $8 hold on your account. After 24-72 hours, the actual amount spent will be applied. Please wait until after 72 business hours from the actual transaction to contact us. If it is not adjusted after the 72 hour period, we will be happy to help.

Why was my card declined?

Contact your bank directly to find out why the card has been declined.

Declines can happen for a variety of reasons, but we don’t get specific information about the decline. When we submit a charge to your bank, they have automated systems that determine whether or not to accept the charge. In order to avoid a decline, be sure you have a minimum of $8 available on your account for the hold period.

How do I know which cycle to choose when washing or drying?

Refer to our How To & Tip Guide.


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