Vandalism and/or Fire: Call 911 and Property Manager

Flooding: Call Property Manager

After contacting the above, please contact us at 800-526-0955.

How do I know which cycle to choose when drying?

Refer to our How To & Tip Guide.

Dryer is missing a lint filter?

If the dryer is missing a lint filter DO NOT use it. Please notify us as soon as possible and select a different dryer.

What does this error code mean?

  • If display reads “DE” or “DE1”, the door is not latched correctly. Open the door, shut firmly, and press "Start."
  • All other codes require a technician. Please notify us as soon as possible.

Dryer not heating at all?

This requires a technician. Please notify us as soon as possible.

Clothes not fully dry at end of cycle?

If your clothes are warm but still damp it could be because of following:

  • You have a large or heavier-than-average load.
  • The washer’s spin cycle did not completely ring out the clothes due to a hard-to-balance load or too much soap.
  • The lint filter is not clean.
  • To resolve, first check the lint filter. Next, try running another dry cycle or split the load into two separate cycles.


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